Fossatún Mini Golf, Iceland

Fossatún Mini Golf, Iceland

Durable courses in tough climate

Fun Park minigolf in Iceland

A popular mini golf course was opened on Iceland in 2005. Visitors arrive during spring, summer and autumn, and despite the tough climate with snow, ice and rain, the course has required minimal maintainance.


Steinar Berg Isleifsson, owner of the Camping site Fossatún on Iceland says:

- We opened Fossatún in the spring of 2005. The mini golf course we bought from City Golf has been there from the beginning. It is situated at our campsite and is hugely popular during the short Icelandic summer, and also with group visits during spring and autumn. The mini golf course has required minimal maintenance, never been under covers and it has passed the test of the Icelandic weather with honours! It is really amazing to see it come up from under the Icelandic winter snows looking as good as it did before the rough wheels of frost, snow and rain starts rolling through the winter.

Read more about Fossatún mini golf on their website:


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